End of the year Thanks!

Unloading the plane below Mount Hunter.

Unloading a K2 Aviation Otter,  below Mount Hunter.

The Alaska Range project is a major undertaking. Projects of this size can’t be done alone, it takes support of many people and organizations.

The people who endure the most are not myself or my expedition partners but the family that is left behind. The hardest part about spending weeks and months in remote wilderness is being away from my family. They must make do without me, make special arrangements, call upon friends for favors, it’s not easy.

So my first thanks must go to my wife Pam and son Walker and to all of our friends and family that have supported my wandering lifestyle.

As I enter the last two years of my project I will rely more and more on planes and the pilots that fly them. last year I flew in numerous small planes piloted by some amazing pilots.

I flew into the central Alaska Range twice with K2 Aviation out of Talkeetna, Alaska. I have been flying with K2 for years, they flew us into the Ruth Glacier for my wedding and winter attempt of Mount Dickey, ten years ago. I flew into the eastern Alaska Range with Golden Eagle Outfitters. No one knows the Hayes Range and the Delta Mountains better. The legendary Alsworths of Lake Clark Air delivered and picked us up safely from Neacola Mountains. For aerial photography I relied on my friend and photographer Dan Bailey. We did two aerial photography flights, one to the Neacolas and one to the Kichatnas. Looking forward to more.

Lots of great organizations have helped out, donating resources and sharing the love. The Northern Environmental Center, Alaska Center for the Environment and the Mountaineering Club of Alaska have been great supporters of the project. A special thanks to Doug Tosa at ACE and to Steve Gruhn, whose knowledge of Alaska peaks is unrivaled. Alaska Alpine Adventures have made huge contributions to the project and have greatly increased its chances of success. Working with the Adventurers and Scientist for Conservation has added even more value to the project and has connected me with many great scientists and adventurers.

The majority of outdoor equipment isn’t made for extensive, wilderness use. I have been using Patagonia clothing exclusively for this project and so far, its been bomber. The majority of my technical gear comes from Black Diamond, though I will also be using their tents and other equipment for the next two years. I have been working with Naneu Bags for over seven years and they continue to keep my cameras safe.

A final thanks to all the print and online publications that have helped spread the word about the project along with the individuals connected with myself and the project through social media.

The next two years are going to be big years with twelve expeditions planned. I am always looking for more sponsors to help share the burden of this massive project. I am in special need of private pilots interested in helping me with aerial photography!

Thanks again to everyone and looking forward to many more trips into the Alaska Range!

2 thoughts on “End of the year Thanks!

  1. Thank you for for acknowledgement to all of your follower and viewer whose you try to encourage through your blog writing. I know you have worked tirelessly and tried to reach your ultimate goal and always invented a new one for focus the speciality of changing climate and nature of Alaska Range and we all viewer and followers looking this through your eyes and blog. I hope you shall open more and more opening of Alaska Range in the forthcoming new year 2014. You walk ahead we will always try to behind and co-operate your inventory work. And say in advance a happy and fruitful new year of 2014.

  2. Carl, get in touch with me about flying. I have a Pacer on skis in the winter and 31s in the summer. It isn’t the best photography platform, but we could probably work something out.

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