Online features about The Alaska Range Project:

Video Interview on Alive Photo

Interview and portfolio on Mother Nature Network

Alaska Dispatch article on Carl’s aerial images from the Alaska Range.

National Geographic Post on Carl’s near drowning on his Neacola trip.

Alaska Range Project feature on Nature Photographers Network

Alaska Range Project feature on Adventure Journal

Interview with Carl on Project Pressure blog

Alaska Range project images featured on Planet Mountain

Alaska Range Project featured on Alpinist

Radio Interview on Outdoor Explorer

Radio Interview with Carl and Art Davidson

Feature story and portfolio in Alaska Dispatch

Short book blurb on Adventure Sports Journal

Echo News, book review

A Mountain Journey, Book Review

Sierra portfolio and story about the Alaska Range project

Print features on the Alaska Range Project:

Project Mayham, Story and  interview by Matt Samet, Climbing Magazine, August 2007

The Delta Mountains, story and photographs by Carl Battreall, Outdoor Photographer, August 2007

The Alaska Range, Featured portfolio, Alaska Magazine, June 2015

Coast magazine, Cover Image,  Interview and book excerpt, November 2016

The Press, Book excerpt and story, November 2016

Alaska Dispatch, Portfolio and book excerpt, November 2016

The Alaska Range, interview and portfolio, Mountain Magazine, 2017

Alaska Range Portfolio, Escapism magazine (UK), 2017

Alaska Sporting Journal, Portfolio and book excerpt, 2017

Photographs from the Alaska Range Project have also been published in :

The Most Beautiful Mountains of the World (Published by French publisher Éditions Glénat), Patagonia, Adventure Journal, Vertical (France), Climbing, Rock and Ice, Alpinist, Alpin (Germany), Gakujin (Japan), Nature’s Best, Outdoor Photographer, Alaska Airlines magazine, Photomedia and countless calendars.

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